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Submitted April 01, 2009
As a new pet owners with a 3 month old Wheaten Terrier, we where clueless, but very much in love with our new addition; Coriander.  There seemed so much that needed to be done right; rules that needed to be followed and enforced or bad manners and poop would rule.  Then we meet Ray.  Ray helped lay down guidelines and rules for us and Coriander that we could all follow.  He showed us how to encourage and reward good behavior.  He gave us insights and tricks that we would never have known or thought of.  Ray got us and Coriander off on the right foot. Coriander is now a year and a half old and is kind, loving and knows the rules.  And Ray had a big part in that.  Yes Ray influenced our dog like no one else could.  Now Ray and Jose walk Cori everyday while we are at work and school.  They are reliable, trustworthy, kind and big hearted.  They really care about Cori.  Notes and conversations on how he is doing or something that we may want to pay attention to, are always left and discussed.  Cori is always so happy and excited to see Ray and Jose.  You have never seen a tail wag so much.  Cori has also boarded with Ray and Jose and LOVES it.  We never feel bad or worry when we go away, knowing that Cori is very happy and safe. 
Judy M.
Rye Brook, NY
Submitted April 09, 2009
     When we got our Miniature American Eskimo, Sakari, one of our primary concerns was figuring out how she would be best taken care of while we were at work, or traveling.  A friend of ours recommended Ray to us, and nearly 3 years later we are still so thankful for the recommendation!
     We use several of the Pet Palz services on a regular basis, from twice daily walks around our home, to nature hikes with Ray and pack of Sakari’s canine friends, to their overnight boarding.  The walks and boarding ensure that she is well taken care of if we are away, and the nature hikes are definitely a Sakari favorite!  She loves running outdoors, being with the other dogs – and is now even swimming during summer excursions.  These trips are great exercise and they absolutely help to make sure that our high energy dog is getting enough activity to stay healthy and happy. 
     The Pet Palz have been dependable, trustworthy and attentive caregivers – and when we are away, it gives us a peace of mind that we are truly appreciative of, knowing that Sakari is being well taken care of and that she is having fun, even if we are not there.
Thank you Ray!   
Tami & Byron A.
Greenwich, CT 
Submitted February 17, 2010
     Ray walked our basset hound "Bob" and our lab "Maggie" daily for nearly a year and I can honestly say that he is the best pack leader/walker we have ever had.  
     He genuinely cares about the dogs he takes care of and, judging from the tail wagging and jumping that took place when they would see him pull up to our house, the dogs know it!  
     He walked our dogs through all types of weather and they always came home tired and happy. I felt like I could completely trust Ray with our dogs and our home.  We moved to another city six months ago and are really missing his hikes.
Sandy S.
Chicago, Illinois
Submitted March, 2011
     Ray and the Pet Palz are always accommodating and trustworthy.
I have been dealing with a terminal illness in my family that has taken me out of town at various and unpredictable times. Ray has ALWAYS been there for our 3 large togs. I have literally called him at the last minute and he has been there for me without hesitation.
     One of our dogs is 13 and blind, so she needs extra help with the stairs, getting to bed, etc so it is essential that Ray is there for her at certain times of the day/night. He also takes two on Nature Hikes which they LOVE!
     Ray gives me great peace of mind in knowing that our 3, four legged kids are well cared for so I can be totally focused on where I need to be. He is a gem!
Jennifer H.
Greenwich, CT
Submitted August 17, 2011
     From the bottom of our hearts, we thank The Pet Palz for their outstanding care of our dog Reggie.
    Reggie is now 1 1/2 years old and has been with PP for well over a year. They have given him loving care, great walks, tiring Nature Hikes (we love that) and TLC when we go away.
     The Pet Palz gives us the peace of mind we need when we go on vacation. We know that Reggie is loved, taken care of and very happy with The Pet Palz.
    Thank you Ray, Jose and Ela, we really, really appreciate you.
Warmest, Tamara H & Alan L
Submitted December, 2011
Thank you so much for all of your help with Sasha this past year.
She has such a gret time on the nature hikes.
Also I really appreciate your flexibikity with my schedule. I am very happy with your services and think it's great what you do with the dogs.
Thanks Again!
Greenwich, CT
Submitted January 9, 2012
Ray has known Rufus since he was a small puppy because whenever we were in the park at the same time, Rufus would join his group. I could not get him to come. At other times Rufus would run off with another dog and be gone for a long time. I got lots of phone calls.
Finally last summer, when Rufus was two years and two months, I was desperate and Ray volunteered to teach me how to use a training collar. We took one hour and a half walk with four other dogs and Ray coached me every step of the way.
By the end, Rufus knew that I had to be listened to. On a second walk, Ray refined my procedures and Rufus has been a dream ever since. Now when I get out his collar his tail starts to wag because it means a trip to the park.
Ray gave me the confidence to persist in a calm way to let Rufus know that "Come!" is not negotiable. I seldom have to use the correction now and Rufus knows just how far away he can go before I am going to call him.
He actually has more freedom. I would go to Ray with any training problem because he really knows his work.
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