The Pet Palz - Providing Love, Care & Respect since 2003
We offer a wide range of services that cater to a variety of needs. Our most popular services are listed below. Please call or e-mail for more information on services, pricing, current promotions and customized options.
Dog Training
Dog Training
Learn to develop leadership between you are your dog!
Training is building hierachy.
Dogs are happier when they know what's expected and know you are her/his Pack Leader.

Get Help With:
* Basic Obedience
* Socialization
* Introducing of Babies/Children to dogs and vice-versa.
* Crate Training
* Desensitization to sounds and objects
* Handling and working with Alpha & Aggressive, Dominant, Submissive/Shy, Fearful, Hyper, Lethargic Dogs.
* Puppy Training.
* Puppy/Dog proofing.
* Going up/down stairs.
* Going in/out of vehicles.
* Leash & Off Leash Training.
* Seperation Anxiety.
* Working with Packs (2 or more dogs per household).

* Jumping.
* Bolting.
* Stealing.
* Guarding of people, food, toys & objects.
* Nipping.
* Digging.
* Eating poop.
* Destructive/Chewing.
* Chasing cats and small animals.
* Soiling and HouseTraining.
* Stubborn or Dogs in denial.
* The chase game.

Also feel free to ask any questions on dog foods, supplements, diets and products for your dog.
Nature Hikes
Nature Hikes
This service is performed by Ray, the local "Original Pack Leader and Hiker" in Westchester County.

This is an excellent service for the adventurous and or energetic dog.

Your dog gets a 3.5 mile hike of a cardio filled wooded hiking adventure!! My packs never waste time fiddling around, but are actually exercised physically and mentally. This services Includes free pick up and drop off.

Nature Hikes are a great way to maintain command and training skills while providing structure, praise, cardio excercise, socialization and pack group fun!!

Neutered and Spayed
Up-to-date Vaccinations
Mature and/or Obdient Dog
Social and Non-Aggressive
Leash and Off-Leash Training
Basic Training

If your pal is in need of training or socialization... ask me! I can help make the difference! No dog is too old or young to benefit from this program.
" A Dog Will Not Excert Any Exercise On Its Own, Regardless How Small Or Big Your Property.

A Dog Without Exercise And Stimulation Will Resort To Chewing, Barking, Digging And Other Unwanted Behaviors."

Dog Walking
Dog Walking
A Pet Professional to the rescue at any time of the day.

This is a personalized one-on-one dog walking service.

Walk time typically ranges from 20-25 minutes in your local area.
House Calls and Sleep Overs
House Calls and Sleep Overs
Do you prefer your dog staying in its own home environment, then the Pet Palz can tailor schedule visits to meet your pet's needs. This service includes: walks, feedings, bringing in your mail & newspapers, along with switching on and off lights.

** A Sleep-Over can be added to this service for additional amount. **
Kitty Calls & Small Animals
Kitty Calls & Small Animals
The Pet Palz is also experienced with cats and small animals.

We provide house calls that allow clients to go away with peace of mind. The Pet Palz will go to your home to feed, clean litter, and change water bowls as needed.