The Pet Palz - Providing Love, Care & Respect since 2003
Hello... I am Ray the founder and owner of
The Pet Palz and a Certified Master Dog Trainer.

People often refer to me as The Pack Leader.

I have 2 pets; Tibbs a hound/boxer mix that I adopted at 6.5 years of age and Oreo my 19 year old cat I found in the back yard as a kitten.

My Tibbs was a huge handful and I am his fourth owner. Mr. Tibbs lacked manners, structure and social skills. I am proud to say an old dog can learn new tricks and I got him to readjust and turn 360 degrees, he even gets along with my cat.

I feel blessed and fortunate to be working in something I love! The animals I have met and know over the years enrich my life and keep me young!

Do you know that I started my business through twist of fate? Some would say it was divine intervention that led me to my petastic career. Never in a million years did I think that this was my calling.

I always thought I would spend my life in an office. I have a corporate business background and a BA in International Business.

To make a long story short...... I made some career choices that deviated my path. While in job transition I found myself humbled and took on what I thought would be a temporary retail employment (15 months) for a high-end pet shop. At that time I felt like my life hit rock bottom and that’s how The Pet Palz was born in December of 2003.

I am grateful for what I learned at the shop, I acquired industry knowledge regarding pets, products, diets and needs. This was in a sense my life internship that solidified my understanding of animals and I applied it to what was then my young and developing business.

Since those early days I have grown the Pet Palz slow but strong and steady.

My motto is to do the right thing for my pets and clients. I don’t take short cuts, risks or cheat. The people who work for me are of the same caliber. We are the good guys and if we finish last.... so be it!

Thank you for reading about me and what I believe. Hopefully you and your pet will be our new client.
Zotan & I
Zotan & I
My future goal is to open a facility that will provide most of my current services on a larger scale.

I want to open a facility different from my anything out there. I have the blue print but now I need the space to make this goal and dream come true.

In the photo to the left Zoltan is a Viszla. I have had the pleasure to train and socialize him. He made an incredible 360 degrees in behavioral attitudes from when we met. Zoltan will always be one of my favorite buddies!

Below are some Pet Palz, but not all are listed unless they wish to be included.
Danny has been with the Pet Palz since April, 2011!

Danny is a family & friend, dog owner, warm, animated, funny and animal lover.

He has earned his mention with The Pet Palz because Danny is punctual, dedicated, trustworthy, honest and reliable!

But most importantly he will care for your pet with as much love as you would!

Danny provides services in: Nature Hikes and Dog Walks.